Okay guiseeee 

New drama alert 

Even though it’s still currently in production, I just can’t help but make a post about it. 

This. has. been. my. most. awaited. drama. of. all. times. 

I can’t tell you how hard I cried when I was reading the book, but before it comes out it will probably be a while because it’s still in production. 

While we wait, 大漠谣 and 云中歌 can prolly ease our pain of waiting. 

Once the drama comes out I’ll make a post with the trailer and the plot summary. 

In the mean time just know this drama is called 花千骨 

essentially in means a thousand skeletal flower. 

The book plot goes like this: A little girl’s father dies and she is orphaned. She is taken in by her Shi-fu (master) Bai Zi Hua 

she falls in love with her shi fu, which is like her teacher, and that’s a big no no. However in order to save him she steals something from the heavens. The emperor of the heavens must punish her by pinning 81 nails on her (something like how jesus died). each nail is supposed to take out a little piece of your soul… anyways… 

more shit happens 

more misunderstanding between her and her shifu 

and finally she turns flat out evil and becomes this super powerful demon/god and comes back for revenge… 

Oh shet, nvm I found the trailer !!!!


秀丽江山 :Singing All Along

In 22 AD, the peasant brothers Liu Yan and Liu Xiu led a rebel force to overthrow the oppressive Xin empire and to restore the Han dynasty. Yin Lihua, their beautiful childhood friend, joined their fight. During the bloody battles, Liu Xiu and Yin faced death many times together before the Xin empire was finally toppled. In 23, Liu Yan was seen by the new Han emperor Liu Xuan as a threat and executed. Fearing he would be next, Liu Xiu, with the help of his new bride Yin, managed to have Liu Xuan assign him to a territory beyond Liu Xuan’s reach. However, developing a power base of his own proved difficult. In 24, Liu Xiu encountered a dilemma: in order to enter a military alliance with a mighty regional warlord, he needed to marry the warlord’s niece Guo Shengtong and break his vows to Yin. Meanwhile, Yin discovered that Liu Xuan also had feelings for her… When Yin finally reunited with her husband in 25, Liu Xiu was already the new emperor who had just captured the capital; with Guo, a woman he did not love, as his new wife. As the empire remained divided, naming Guo the empress seemed the ideal choice politically, but Liu Xiu’s heart never left Yin. Amid power struggle, war, and intrigues, could their love survive?

Extended Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CI-94aWKtqM

Another novel turned into drama…. 

I feel like I’m going to be in heaven soon!!! 

My favorite actress growing up is in it~~ Ruby <3 <3 <3 <3 

穿越时空的爱恋 Love Through Different TImes


I posted above the link to the first episode. 

This is a really old drama, I think it was made in the early 2000’s, I loved it when I was a child. Before the craze about all the time traveling, this was the first drama that actually used time travel. 

A beautiful thief and a beautiful police gets into a fight over a jade pillow in a museum. The jade pillow takes them both back to the Ming Dynasty. The thief falls in love with the Crown Prince, the police falls in love with the Fourth Prince. 

This drama is funny, it’s romantic, and it’s touching. There is some Kong Fu but not over the top. 

Growing up, this was one of my favorite dramas!I hope you guys enjoy it :)

laurarobin said: Where do you watch your Chinese dramas?

Mostly YouTube, if not I watch it on Chinese sites or download them off torrent. However usually there won’t be subs if it’s not on YouTube

drunkensmokeyrobotic said: Hello ! Big Fan here :) i started to watch chinese dramas - i started with Lan Ling Wang , beautiful drama- and now i'm looking forward to see other dramas . your blog helped me to choose one -Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei- and i want to ask you if this drama worth watching??? Thank you and sorry for my bad English :) Have a nice day ~^.^~ !

Yes. It’s worthy to watch. All the dramas I put on this blog are the ones I either read or watched and enjoyed. Let me know if you like it!

hanymshah said: I have a favor to ask. I'm looking for this period drama but I can't seem to remember it' name or it's year. All I remember i that it's about concubines and there's this one concubine who wears this hanfu with a handkerchief style top. And I think she got possessed or something that made her evil. Please can you help me out ?

Do you remember if they were speaking mandarin or Cantonese? Possessed by something evil? That sounds like 唐宫美人天下,one of the concubines gets possessed by a fox demon.

yerietheboss said: Seriously I LOVE your blog, im a huge fan of most historical fantasy drama. Your blog has most newest drama that I haven't seen, I'll make sure to check it out to update me on my drama.

Thank you for your support!

summosa said: I saw this drama called Grandson war/ Biography of Sun Tsu and I was wondering if there was anywhere I could watch it with English subtitles...

Dramas like this would be hard for English subs, I will put in a recommendation for you to sub this drama. However it really depends on the team if they are interested.

jhonb23 said: hi how are yoy tell me how can i watch these dramas on your site

I don’t post dramas on my site. I usually link the dramas.

foolish-little-dreamer said: Can you please upload some new dramas or something? I watched almost all of the ones you recommended thanks!

Hi sorry for the late reply, I didn’t even see I had questions in my ask of until today. I will try to make more posts after I watch new dramas. It’s hard to get a good one!